Membership Benefits


  • teacher training scholarships
  • bursaries for students participating in the SAA conference orchestras and ensembles
  • quarterly newsletter
  • access to information regarding teacher training opportunities, workshops, institutes and job openings
  • promotion from the SAO website’s teacher directory and SAO flyers
  • Chapter Affiliate of the SAA


  • receiving inspiration and ideas from other teachers via the newsletter and conferences
  • networking with colleagues
  • being involved in the largest association of Suzuki teachers in Canada, and one of the largest in North America
  • promoting Dr. Suzuki’s ideals and method in Ontario
  • strengthening our shared community in our studios, schools, communities and beyond
  • being a voice for Canada in the global Suzuki community

The Suzuki Association of Ontario is an organization of Suzuki teachers which also offers memberships to Suzuki schools and families. The mission of the SAO as a community is to enhance and promote the Suzuki method of learning by nurturing excellence in education.

Our members are also members of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. The SAA aspires to improve the quality of life in the Americas through Suzuki education, and seeks to create a learning community which embraces excellence and nurtures the human spirit.

We, as Suzuki teachers, aspire to these ideals, and our membership in both the SAA and the SAO is a tangible way of affirming our commitment to Dr. Suzuki’s vision, and to his belief that we can make a difference in the world, one step, one child at a time.